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Fab-it is the only snow track system on the market that you the customer can purchase as a kit and weld together in the comfort of your home garage or workshop! We took all the geometry and mechanical components from our current RUBITRACKS model and combined them with the styling of our original prototype in order to give you, the customer, a simple yet robust and easy to build system! Simply follow our comprehensive video instructions which will walk you through the detailed step by step procedure. All parts arrive pre-cut and ready for assembly to reduce the possibility of mistakes. Fixtures are also provided with the kit.


All parts come prepared for welding. It is strongly advised that all welding be performed  with a minimum 200 amp wire feed welder.


While you are ultimately responsible for the integrity of your own work, you do not need to be a professional in order to complete one of our kits.


We worked very hard to design a kit that can be assembled with a welder and a few basic tools. All fixtures are provided.



                                                                                             121"             136"

GVWR                                                                                                                                               6500 lbs                   6500 lbs
  WEIGHT                                                                                                                                             175 lbs                     190 lbs
  LENGTH                                                                                                                                              48"                             56"
  WIDTH                                                                                                                                                 15"                             15"
  AXLE CENTERLINE                                                                                                                          19"                             19"
  APPROXIMATE DRIVE REDUCTION                                                                                           40%                           40%
  APPROXIMATE GROUND PRESSURE ( JEEP JK)                                                                    1.6 psi                       1.4 psi



Anchor 1

   Canada      USA


          $ 8,750           
          $ 9,750           

          $ 7,750            
          $ 8,750           

Vehicle specific mounting kits are required for all vehicles. Our mounting kits include hub to track adapters as well as anti-rotation (anti-flip) links and brackets.  Our standard kit will work with most vehicles however in some cases where the vehicle has hubs that stick out beyond 2″ from the wheel mounting surface or has brake or other clearance issues, a specialized kit will be required and may incur an additional charge. 

    Canada      USA

Install kit starts at


             $ 750             

Production Suspended

Unfortunately due to supply chain issues that persist, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend production of the Fab-it line so that we may focus solely on our Rubitracks product. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Parts for service and repair will continue to be available.

FREE TERMINAL SHIPPING. All of our Rubitracks products ship free of charge to a Day and Ross (Canada) or R & L Carriers (USA) freight terminal in your province or state. (North West Territories, Labrador and Alaska destinations will require a special quote.) You can then pick up your tracks at the terminal or we can have them shipped to your chosen destination for an additional fee. Residential deliveries are possible however business addresses with loading dock or forklift are aways cheaper and easier. 

For our American customers, customs clearance is included and taken care of by us on your behalf.



Most customers are able to complete our kits in as little as a week. We provide a comprehensive assembly video series that covers all aspects. 


At Rubitracks we finish everything with powder coating as it has unmatched durability however good quality automotive urethane will suffice.


We guarantee the quality of all parts delivered. It is ultimately your responsibility to assemble them correctly. Our warranty does not cover work that you. 

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