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Cummins Ram with Tracks


RUBITRACKS HD are our newest product designed specifically for heavy duty 8 lug applications. Rubitracks revolutionary new design is the first and only truly bidirectional track on the market. As its design is perfectly symmetrical it can be rotated like a tire to extend its service life. If rotated frequently, the service life of some of the components should be expected to double.  


Agricultural R-1 directional tread option also available.

Rubitracks HD


Rubitracks Axles

Self Aligning Flange Bearings While admittedly not the best bearing for longevity, the primary benefit of using spherical self aligning bearings is that each bearing is self contained and does not rely on the adjacent bearing for support. This means if you lose a bearing you won't loose the wheel as the common axle shares all four independent bearings. Another positive for this design is you don't need to be a certified mechanic to change them when the time comes.  Did I mention they're literally available everywhere?

Rubitracks frame

8 BOLT HUB Rubitracks HD are designed for single wheel vehicles weighing 10,500 lbs loaded or less. While newer vehicles may have a gvwr of 12,000 lbs or more, we do not recommend loading a vehicle to max capacity while fitted with tracks due to added strain the tracks may apply to suspension and steering components.

Tension absorber

ANTIROTATION DEVICE Rated at 6000 lbs working load our tension absorbers allow you to easily adjust the degree at which the tracks are able to articulate in order to better tailor them to your given application as well as keep them from contacting the body. Tighten them up to keep tracks glued to the ground for a hard pull or loosen them if you're working on hilly terrain where more articulation is beneficial. 


f250 on Tracks
Harvester on Tracks

RUBITRACKS HD have been designed to be simple and strong. These are working tracks. They were not designed for mud bogging or rock crawling. They are a simple no BS system that was optimized for pulling, pushing and low ground disturbance applications. These tracks are simply tough. We recommend this system if you have an intermittent application that requires an economical and effective solution. They are not the smoothest track to drive on and they won't climb over a fallen tree but they will grab the ground like nobody's business and always get you home.

CUSTOM FIT Do you have a piece of equipment that you'd like to put tracks on? Maybe we can help. This particular machine was built atop 1 ton solid rear axles so for steering it articulates in the centre. One of the benefits for this application is the smaller drive sprocket of our HD tracks relative to the tire that would replace them, a built in final drive reduction is accomplished, so now what might have been too fast without a series of gear boxes just might be the right speed with the addition of our tracks. Did I mention they also give the same ground clearance of a 50'' tire?

Bidirectional track

Our aggressive bidirectional track is the perfect balance between grip and service life. 

Scissor lift wheels

12 inches in diameter and 4 inches wide, our solid rubber tires on steel rims help distribute high loads.

Flange bearings

Idler axles are supported by four flange bearings each, allowing us to incorporate a large grease reserve.



GVWR                                                                                                                                               10,500 lbs                   
  WEIGHT                                                                                                                                             625
  LENGTH                                                                                                                                              54"                            
  WIDTH                                                                                                                                                 16"                             
  AXLE CENTERLINE                                                                                                                          25"                             
  APPROXIMATE DRIVE REDUCTION                                                                                           40%                          
  APPROXIMATE GROUND PRESSURE ( Ram 3500)                                                                2.3 psi                       



RUBITRACKS HD is a specialized product, as such we only build one set at a time so lead times are typically between 4 and 6 weeks.

   Canada      USA



          $ 25,500

Vehicle specific mounting kits are required for all vehicles. Our mounting kits include hub to track adapters as well as anti-rotation (anti-flip) links and brackets.  Our standard kit will work with most vehicles, however in some cases where the vehicle has hubs that stick out beyond 3″ from the wheel mounting surface or has brake or other clearance issues, a specialized kit will be required and may incur an additional charge. 

    Canada      USA

Install kit starts at


             $ 1,500            

FREE TERMINAL SHIPPING. All of our Rubitracks products ship free of charge to a Day and Ross (Canada) or R & L Carriers (USA) freight terminal in your province or state. (North West Territories, Labrador and Alaska destinations will require a special quote.) You can then pick up your tracks at the terminal or we can have them shipped to your chosen destination for an additional fee. Residential deliveries are possible, however business addresses with loading dock or forklift are aways cheaper and easier. 

For our American customers, customs clearance is included and taken care of by us on your behalf.



Our HD system is designed and intended for use on single wheel 8 lug vehicles, however they will work just as well on 1/2 ton rated vehicles.


As with all of our tracks, Rubitracks HD are not designed or intended for use on public roads. We designed this system to run reliably at 40 mph.


While steering upgrades aren't absolutely necessary on some vehicles with our HD tracks, hydraulic assist steering upgrade is recommended.

Watch us put Rubitracks HD to the test!

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