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Driving Reinvented. 

Rubitracks - Your manufacturer direct source for the most durable yet affordable vehicle track systems.

When it comes to vehicle track systems our Rubitracks products are as good as it gets! Years of research and development along with the highest quality control standards assure that when you have the Rubitracks logo on your tracks, everyone will know you have the best!


Rubitracks snow system is available in 121" and 136'' sizes to suit your application. Whether you require maximum maneuverability or floatation, we have a system that will meet your requirements.

RUBITRACKS HD is a entirely new system designed for 8 lug applications. Rubitracks HD is our answer to the need for something that will work in all seasons and all types of terrain.

Rubitracks HD

Frequently asked questions

Payment and Pricing

We accept Visa, Mastercard, email money transfer, as well as bank transfers. Processing fees may apply.


Tracks ship free of charge via Day & Ross or R&L to your nearest freight terminal. Residential or commercial delivery is available for an additional fee.

Warranty Info

Rubitracks is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty (excluding wear items)

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WestIsle Special Projects Ltd.
2611 Union Road
Elmsdale PEI, Canada
C0B 1K0

902 303 8473

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